Apart from ensuring you stay cool, keeping your air conditioning in tip-top shape saves you money. Like every other mechanical system, A/C units need a little care to run smoothly. The care required includes tasks that you can effortlessly handle on your own. Below are tips on how to ensure optimal performance.

Change the filter
Dirty filters can kill the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Installing a new filter every single month during the cooling season or cleaning if you have the washable type is, therefore, important. For home AC units, the minimum efficiency reporting value ranges from 1-12. Filters that have a higher minimum efficiency reporting value provide better filtration. However, pulling air through them requires more energy. Try to balance your air-quality and energy cost concerns.

Fix air leaks
Although sealing a window air conditioning unit can be notoriously tough, ducts lose about 30% of airflow through leaks. To find air leaks, you can apply the smoke technique. For a window unit, hold a lit stick of incense where the window frame and AC unit meet. For a central AC unit, hold the lit stick near the duct connections. You have leakage if the smoke blows around. For ductwork, seal small gaps using foil tape and duct mastic for the larger ones. Stuff foam between your window AC unit and the window frame for this type of device, taping wherever needed.

Use a timer
You don’t need to blast your air conditioner while you are at work. Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to set higher temperatures when you are away and cooler temperatures when you are home. While you can always purchase a timer at your local home improvement store, you need to ensure it matches your unit’s voltage. Unless you are going on vacation, shutting off the system is ill advised since to cool your home later, the air compressor will have to work a lot harder.

Wrap ducts located in crawl spaces or hot attics to ensure the air within them remains cool. Rigid-foam insulation, spray foam, and batt insulation are all viable options. Seal rigid and batt insulations with foil tape and not duct tape.

Remove every obstruction
The air compressor and condenser of a central AC system are usually located outside and positioned close to the foundation. Air conditioning units function at their very best with around 24 inches of clear space in every direction. As such, you should get rid of obstruction such as leaves, tall grass, shrubs, and hanging branches.

Reduce your air conditioner’s workload
You can extend your unit’s lifespan by keeping your shades or blinds down during the day. Installing awnings to shield the windows facing south from the sun’s intensity is also recommended. To circulate cool air efficiently and reduce your air conditioner’s workload, run your AC unit in conjunction with ceiling or floor fans. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Climate Experts.

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