The Medical Marijuana refers to using the whole of the unprocessed Marijuana for medical purposes. Also, it may refer to using the processed parts of the plant extracts for treating particular ailments. Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes since there are a variety of chemicals in it that can be used in treating a range of diseases. Legalization of the drug use has been delayed since there have not been enough clinical trials to address the issue regarding the risks of using the plant and its extracts for medicinal purposes.


The chemical composition in Marijuana (THC) delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is Marijuana’s mind-altering ingredient. Apart from THC, it contains hundreds of other chemicals. Scientists have produced thousands of cannabinoids in the labs. Excess consumption of the drug has greater health risk to the user. The human body has its production of cannabis that is responsible for the regulation of pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration and appetite and pain. The cannabidiol that medical marijuana produces can be effective in a regulation of certain medical conditions such as childhood epilepsy that makes a child have seizures. Scientists have been making an oil form of Cannabidiol to treat various ailments.

Cannabinoids Medicinal value

Cannabinoids are present in two forms the THC and CBD. THC has been known for an increase in appetite and nausea reduction. Thus, the approved THC medications are used for these two purposes. THC serves in the reduction of inflammation, pain, and muscle control issues. On the other hand, CBD does not alter the thinking or the behavior of an individual; rather it is useful for reduction of inflammations, controlling epileptic seizures and treatment of medical ailments and addictions. Studies on animal research indicate that the scientists have found chemicals in medical marijuana for the treatment of cancerous cells. The extracts from Marijuana can help in slowing down the growth rate of the cancerous cells. However, there are no clinical trials that have been conducted to ascertain the safety of the medical marijuana.

Medicinal value of Marijuana extracts

Apart from the risks involved in using Marijuana, there are potential health benefits to the users. Firstly, it can regulate the insulin production and effectively manage the daily calorie intake in an effective way. Therefore, the users can get a reduction in weight and not turn out obese. It can help in fighting depression and anxiety in the user’s mind. Also, it can improve the moods of the users and act as a mild sedative. Additionally, Marijuana can help in boosting concentration among the users and boost the intellect of individuals. Therefore, if scientific, clinical trials are taken to ascertain the medical risks of Marijuana, the legalization of the use in curative treatment will be helpful.

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