The Benefits of Drinking Goat Milk

Although goat milk accounts for only two percent of the world’s milk supply each year, millions of people rely on it as a major part of their diet.

Although goat milk accounts for only two percent of the world’s milk supply each year, millions of people rely on it as a major part of their diet.

Although not popular in the United States, the health benefits derived from drinking goat milk generally exceed those supplied by cow milk.

Goat’s Milk Benefits

Goat’s milk is cheaper to process and, as opposed to cow milk, can be safely consumed in its raw state. Because goat milk does not have to go through the homogenization process to separate the fat molecules, the milk is cheaper to process and richer in fat content.

Here are nine reasons that drinking goat milk is good for you:

1.Reaction to Inflammation

Goat’s milk helps fight bowl inflammation.

2.Good for the Environment

Third world people can more easily raise goats than cows because less land is required. For every plot-size of land required to raise a cow, three goats can be raised. This reduction on land use for dairy purposes is helpful for the environment.

3. Makes it Easier to Metabolize Minerals

Scientists have linked goat’s milk to an increased ability for people with digestion problems to more easily absorb the elements copper and iron into their blood system.

4. Smaller Fat Molecules

The milk molecules in goat’s milk are smaller in size than the molecules contained in cow’s milk. This size difference makes goat’s milk easier for people with digestive problems to digest.

5. Fatty Acids

Cow’s milk contains over sixteen percent fatty acids in its makeup. Goat’s milk has over twice that amount. This makes goat’s milk more wholesome and nutritious and many people who are lactose intolerant find they can digest raw goat’s milk much easier than cow milk.

6. Rich in Calcium

Many people consume cow milk because they’ve heard that it’s the best source for calcium. Goat’s milk, in fact, offers nearly the same levels of calcium in addition to tryptophan, an amino acid that lessens the negative effects of consuming cow’s milk.

7. Very Nutritious

Eight ounces of goat’s milk supplies about thirty-five percent of our daily calcium needs and twenty percent of our daily riboflavin requirement. In addition, the milk contains high levels of phosphorous, protein and potassium.

8. Low Toxic Level

Dairy farmers pump large amounts of growth hormones into their dairy cows. Goats are rarely if ever subject to these hormone injections. Because of this, the milk is less toxic to our bodily systems.

9. Immune System Benefit

Trace minerals including selenium found in goat’s milk are necessary minerals in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system to fight off diseases and infections.

Should You Drink Goat’s Milk Instead of Cow’s Milk?

That’s a personal taste choice in most cases and subject to availability. If given the choice of the two, and knowing the many health benefits of goat’s milk, maybe now is the time try goat’s milk. There are additional resources available at Kabrita if you are interested in learning more.